Saturday, February 28, 2015

Excuse the Short Absence

Work is crazy busy between my OPS manager going on maternity leave, me taking on her workload in addition to my own, and the weather, I am working longer days and sometimes 6 days, so my crafting has taken a backseat momentarily.

I'll be back soon :) Hope everyone is warm, safe, and has a fun project or book to read!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Business Update: New Items in the Shop

A few posts ago I mentioned I was planning on adding a few things besides soap to the line-up in my Zibbet shop. Yesterday I added my soy candles and soy melts, in 2 scents, Driftwood and Green Tea with Lemon Grass, and they are already selling. Outside of Zibbet, I am also doing candles and matching soaps for bridal party gifts for a co-worker, and making essential oil based soap for John's mom.

 I'm not saying that business is booming, but I am slowly picking up more customers here and there, mostly custom orders.

Green Tea and Lemongrass Soy Candles
I am also test driving some bookmarks I made yesterday. I love the way they came out, especially the Alice in Wonderland one. My original idea for the store was to offer multiple, small, giftable items, normally running under $20. I am making small runs of various things, and seeing what grabs peoples interest and what just sits there. Part of me wants to make a zillion things because I just know they will sell, but I promised myself to take my time, see what I make, and then see what people like. Some things will sell well, other's won't. This is the time to see what works for me and the shop.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired 
Put a Bird On It!

Cherry Blossoms
Tea Time
If you like the bookmarks, I plan on having them in the shop this weekend. As of right now, I have only made one of each, but will make more, similar ones, if these sell. I will be sending out a newsletter the day I post them for sale, and you can sign up, if you want, for the newsletter on my Facebook page for the store, or just like the page. I post all new items there as well.

Stay warm my friends!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Digi Scrapping! A Few Pages from Xmas Presents

Every year I make my Mom a few digi pages with pictures from the past year. Digi pages are a lot easier to mail up to her, and I don't have to worry about all the embellishments falling off in transit. These are the pages I sent up to her this year.

The pictures, with the exception of the bottom one, are from Mom's visit (the week of the tornado) last April. The one of just me is one of her favorites of me, taken at the American Pickers store in Nashville, and the one of her (which she would hate knowing is on here) was her first time at the Nashville Flea Market. She was 100% in her element. I can't wait to see where we go this April when she comes back down.

The bottom one is a little tribute page to Piggy, our dog that we lost in September. It's still hard for me to look at pictures of him, and I cried making this page. God, I miss that little ball of fur and love.

Made with Beyond Measure by One Little Bird Designs

Made with Autumn Frost by Sahlin Studio

Made with One Moment by Rosey Posey

Made with Julep by Gennifer Bursett

Made with Heartbeat at My Feet by One Little Bird

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What a Weekend!

My best friend John came down this past weekend for a surprise visit. We haven't seen each other since I graduated law school in 2012. He and I are very close. We have been best friends since 1994 (I was 16, he 18), and known each other since 2nd grade. We each have a box of letters from the other one, every single note and card and whatnot we have written to the other since we became besties. He is the Grace to my Will, the Patsy to my Edwina, and the Michelle to my Romy. The best part of the entire visit was Sunday. We spent the day making soap, drinking hot tea, and watching Supernatural. Quiet, relaxed, and just enjoying the fact the other person was in the same room breathing. He calls me the love of his life, the feeling is mutual. Thankfully my husband completely understands, most likely because he had the joy of John living with us for the first half of our relationship. God, Hayden is such a lucky guy!

The other awesome part of the weekend is that it was the 5th annual Fiber Fest. I got some more fiber to spin up, although I have to admit I haven't really been spinning since last year pre-depression. In fact a few months ago I was sorting through all my craft supplies and found the fiber I bought last year. I had completely forgotten about buying anything there last time. But, now I have a lovely basket of gorgeous colored fibers just begging to be made into equally lovely yarn. The whole basket is a starbursts of whites, deep blues, earth tones, pinks. Just looking at the bags makes me smile.

I do apologize if this post is a bit rambley (is that even a word?). I am running on fumes right now. Work is very busy task wise. One of the managers under me, who is in charge of all the operational tasks is very pregnant, and the poor thing can barely get around the store. So, that means I am doing all of my administrative tasks, plus all the operational things like brand updates, floor sets, markdowns, and the like. That means I am coming home and almost falling asleep if I sit still too long. Still, I promised myself I would get creating and blogging again, so I hope to have another post up this weekend. Type at ya soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Posts Till Next Week

Hello! Just a note to say I'll be back next week. I have a super special out of town visitor coming to see Hayden and I this weekend, AND it's the annual Knitting and Fiber Festival.

I'll be back soon with something to blog about :) Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SmashBook Page - Fangirling

My blog buddy Karla suggested I scrap my fangirl moment I had the other day, and I decided she was right. It's one of those things I want to look back on in 10 years and think God, remember when I was obsessed with BBC Sherlock? I haven't changed a bit. :)

I wanted to use my Smashbook because, while they are not nearly as popular now as they were a couple years ago, I just think they are the bee's knees. Especially the large ones, the one shown is the Pretty Pocket Folio. It's nice and large, and of all the books I have, it has my favorite paper. Anyhoo, as soon as I open it, what do I see on the first page, a cute little quip about having a cup of tea. Perfect. The page made itself. This is the first paper page I have made in almost a year. It was quick, but it felt good to go digging through the supplies I barely touched during my depression, and reminded me why I love gluing pretty paper to more pretty paper, and then smattering it with random buttons.

I even got all fancy and hand stitched the iconic Sherlock smiley face on the burlap that resembles the wallpaper in 221b.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Vintage In Progress Dining Room

My Pink collection with the little Fire King Tea Cups I collect (I adore those little things!), my Pink Gooseberry fridgie, and my non-vintage pink bird S&P shakers. 
Thought I would share a little of my "in progress" dining room. I have shared my Hoosier cabinet before, but the Pyrex collection it houses has definitely grown over the year I have had it. I have also discovered a love of vintage kitchen linens, as evidenced by the cross stitched table cloth I have on my table (one of two I own) and the pile you can see some of my pyrex sitting on in the cabinet.

Th lighting is always terrible in my dining room, but you can see all my favorite Pyrex, Fire King, and Jadeite pieces. Even my Speedy's mug!
The next thing I want to do in here is make some wall hangings using some vintage fabric I have. I plan on putting it in embroidery hoops to replace those wall sconces that no longer match the room's vibe. I am still trying to decide if I am going to do some embroidering on the fabric or just leave it as is, thinking that if I want to use it later I can just take it out of the hoops. I have a terrible tendency to hoard things like fabric, thinking what if I think of something better later?? Every crafter knows this feeling. Of course, that just means it sits in the drawer, unseen and un-enjoyed. Decisions, right? What would you do?

Again, terrible lighting. This house is literally a black hole 90% of the day. The carafe was bought for the color and print, I am not sure how "vintage" it is, the bowl and butter dish are two of my favorite Pyrex prints, Friendship and Butterprint. The coasters I made using modge podge, scrapbook paper from the Paper Cottage line, and kitchen tiles from Lowes. And, of course, the table cloth was found in an antique shop. 

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